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Welcome to the website for daftasadrum! Here you will find out about
how much use, value and fun drum circles can be!
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Photo © 2006 Safri Y
I have completed the VMC
Training and am proud
to be a VMC-Certified
Drum Circle Facilitator

Recentdrum circles include:
14MAY16- Sat - open - Day of Dance Saltaire.
28/29MAY16 - Sat/Sun - closed - Weekend Camp with 800 cubs! I don’t think I’m expected to work with ‘em all!
05JUN16 - Sun - open - Friends of Middleton Park Festival
08JUN16 - Wed - closed - small private group in York; sons and chums doing ‘Africa’ at school
29JUN16 - Sat - closed - Fun end-of-day circle with The NHS
Leadership Academy in Leeds
02JUL16 - Sat - open - Belle Isle Gala, Leeds. Circles during the day.
07JUL16 - Thur - closed - drum circle with 2nd Churwell Guides
13JUL16 and 20JUL16 - closed - work with young people at Swarthmore Education Centre, Leeds.

Still to come:
03SEP16 - Sat - open - Chapel Allerton Arts Festival. Drum Circles throughout the day.
11SEP16 - Sun - open - Friends of Midddleton Park *again*!